The Pickaxe

April 06, 2017

I happened to complete a rite of passage last Sunday. I finished reading “the pickaxe book”, Programming Ruby.

Providing a thorough look into the Ruby language, I would say that I am a better rubyist having read it. I will admit that some portions were skimmed, but others would have none of that.

The chapter on metaprogramming completely changed the way I look at the language. If you have ever nodded along with the statement of:

“Methods are invoked by sending a message to an object”

Then this book will give you a foundational understanding of how methods are invoked in any scope. Also to my surprise, the chapter on encoding was able to hold my interest while discussing a topic I’d never really given much thought.

I have a greater appreciation for the contributions and efforts that have made Ruby a fantastic language. It’s damn likely that I’ll give this one several reads.